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FREE Collection and Delivery Service


If you require an MOT test and/or SERVICE, we are able to collect from and return your car, to your doorstep. This facility will enable you have your vehicle proceed through the MOT and/or SERVICE with minimum interruption to your day. We find this of great benefit to local businesses and their employees, school teachers, students and mothers with small children. Email your request or alternatively give us a call on 0161-257 2579 and we will be pleased to discuss the details with you.


The criteria for our collection & delivery service is as follows:


The collection and delivery service must be arranged with us by telephone on 0161-257 2579


• The vehicle must be TAXED, INSURED AND MOT (If not sure please call 0161-257 2579 to make other arrangements).


• The vehicle must have enough fuel to complete a twenty mile round trip - If the vehicle breaks down recovery will be invoiced to the owner.


• The vehicle must not have any dangerous known faults (if it does then these must be communicated at time of booking).


• The collection will only take place within a 5 mile radius of our shop (we reserve the right to refuse collection). Any mechanical faults which might occur on the journey are at the owners own risk. We cannot guarantee any return times although an estimate can be given on the day of expected return timings. - these vary according to workshop loadings Traffic etc.


Please ensure we are provided with the key(s) needed to open every door, the boot and the fuel cap of the vehicle. Any previous MOT can be useful but is not essential.


About MOT's


If your vehicle is 3 years or older you are required by law to have an annual safety check, the ministry of transport test, commonly known as the MoT Test. The purpose of the MoT test is to ensure the vehicle meets the minimum safety level required by law.


During the MoT test the nominated tester, a person authorised by the government body called VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) will conduct an inspection and a comprehensive series of checks around the vehicle, including the interior, exterior, under the bonnet and under the vehicle. The result of each check is recorded- if the vehicle passes a VT20 ‘pass’ certificate is issued. If the vehicle fails to meet the required standard a VT30 ‘failure’ document is issued. Items that are not quite a failure, but worthy of a mention to you so you can keep an eye on them are drawn to your attention as ‘advisory’ items.


It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is examined every 12 months. Without a current MoT certificate, you will be unable to drive your vehicle lawfully or renew your road fund license. Recent computerisation of the MoT testing system by VOSA means police and mobile camera units can now check remotely to see if your vehicle has a current MoT.


The penalty for not having an up to date MoT certificate could be a fine. Also if the vehicle is involved in an accident you may be asked to produce your MoT certificate. An insurance claim could be affected by the absence of your MoT, especially in the case of injury.


MOT and Service Pricing


Fixed menu pricing depends only on the size of your engine and the oil to be used. We will use an oil equivalent to the manufacturer's specification and as recommended by Exxon Mobil No other charges apply unless vehicle fails MOT test and requires repair work in this case the work will be quoted for separately.


Interim Service Schedule

Every 5,000 miles or 6 months


Change oil and oil filter (special oils at extra charge)

Top-up bonnet fluid levels

Check brakes

Check steering

Check suspension

Check tyres

Check pollen filter

Wash and vac

Collection and delivery


View detailed INTERIM SERVICE schedule



Full Service Schedule

Every 10,000 miles or 12 months


Change oil and oil filter (special oils at extra charge)

Top-up bonnet fluid levels

Check brakes (remove wheels)

Check brake fluid

Check steering

Check suspension

Check tyres

Check pollen filter

Change air filter

Change fuel filter (diesel only)

Replace spark plugs if applicable (at extra cost)

Wash and vac

Collection and delivery


View detailed FULL SERVICE schedule


Terms and Conditions



Our system is very reliable but in the highly unlikely case of a problem which is beyond our control (ie: staff illness, technical failures etc), we will do everything in our power to contact you to arrange an alternative.



Please give reasonable notice if you wish to cancel a test. We reserve the right to make a charge if the notice of cancellation is very short and we are unable to re-sell the space.


Privacy Policy

A&A Autospares will not sell, rent, lease or otherwise trade your personal information: Any personal information provided to us will be used only by and will not knowingly be provided to any third parties, other than as may be required by law. Note however that communications over the Internet are open to interception and we make no guarantees that information will be not intercepted by third parties.




Where can you collect from and deliver to?

We can collect your car from any location within a 5 mile (approx) radius of A&A Autospares, 6 Kingsway, Burnage, Manchester M19 2DD. We can collect from home, work, or anywhere you choose within this radius, please call our shop on 0161-257 2579 for confirmation.


Is my car insured?

Yes, any car we take for MOT testing is FULLY COMPREHENSIVELY insured. We take the utmost care to drive your car responsibly and safely.


How do I pay?

You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Cash.


When do I get a receipt?

A receipt will be provided when your car is delivered back to you.


How do I get my MOT Certificate?

Your MOT certificate will either be left in car on the seat, or if preferred, handed to you personally when we deliver the car back to you.


What happens if my car fails the MOT?

If your car fails the MOT we will immediately call to let you know, explain why the car has failed and let you know the next steps.


How do I contact The Test Centre in case of a change of plan?

Call us on 0161-257 2579, there may be a fee for cancellation.


Do all your charges include VAT?

The MOT test fee is VAT free. All other services have VAT included.